Paper Toss - Easy Level

Paper Toss== Paper Toss was created by Backflip Studios. Paper Toss is set in an office and players are challenged to flick a piece of paper into a bin. There is a fan in the office meaning wind direction and wind speed have to be accounted to make the game more challenging. Players are scored on how many times they manage to toss the paper into the bin until they miss.


As of December 8, 2010, there are 8 levels, with three original levels and 5 updated levels

  • Easy
    • In your office flicking very closely (about 2ft.)
  • Medium
    • In your office flicking somewhat closely (about 5ft.)
  • Hard
    • In your office flicking from across the hall (about 25ft.)
  • Airport
    • In an airport, almost as close as easy (about 3ft.)
  • Basement
    • At level zero of you office building (about 7ft.)
  • Restroom
    • Sitting on a toilet seat flicking (about 20ft.)
  • Pub
    • While you sit on a bar seat, you flick onto a table at the bar (about 6ft.)
  • Street
    • In a shady neighborhood where there is graffiti on the wall (some to promote graffiti ball) (about 30ft.)

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